Biotrue Resources for your patients

Contact us for access to the resources below and for more information.

Request Samples

To receive patient samples, please reach out to a local Bausch + Lomb sales representative or call Bausch + Lomb Customer Service at 1-855-54BL-OTC (1-855-542-5682) to inquire a representative in your area.

Receive a Coupon Tearpad

Call 1-855-54BL-OTC (1-855-542-5682) to get a tearpad of 25 sheets of coupons for your patients looking to purchase at national retailers.

Coupon tearpads are only redeemable at a retail store.

Sell In Office

To sell Biotrue in your office, call 1-800-828-9030 to set up an account. Fill out the supplied application. 1 case minimum. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $13.99 each

1 case = 36 eaches