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A different kind
of bottle


Designed with eyes in mind

Our eye and lens drop bottles are different on purpose!
That’s because they’re specially designed to keep contaminants out, so the drops remain sterile without preservatives.


Want to know more?

There is a tamper-evident strip at the bottom of the outer protective cap. Remove the tear strip completely and lift the cap off of the bottle.

Special dispensing system inside white applicator relies on pressure to dispense droplets while maintaining the sterility of the contents of the bottle- keeping microorganisms from entering the bottle.

This product does not contain preservatives which would kill microorganisms entering the bottle. In order to maintain healthy eyes, it is important to limit the number of microorganisms in contact with the eye and contact lenses.

Some people are sensitive or allergic to the preservatives used in many eye care products. The unique bottle/cap design of this product allows the contents to be preservative-free while by design it keeps the contents from becoming contaminated.

The special dispensing system requires that the bottle be squeezed to build up pressure inside the bottle. Once enough pressure has built, the droplet will emerge.

NOTE: Once the drops have been dispensed in the eyes, allow the bottle to relax before replacing the outer cap on the bottle.

The bottle is not leaking. The residual drop is formed when the special membrane inside the white applicator closes to seal the contents of the bottle. The residual drop ensures that the contents of the bottle do not get contaminated.

The outer protective cap contains a liner. The liner wicks away the residual drop so that residue does not form around the tip. The ventilation holes on the top of the outer cap allow the liner to dry.

The hole is designed into the white applicator to allow air to enter the bottle after dispensing the drop. Inside the white applicator is a filter which filters microorganisms from the air and allows the contents to remain uncontaminated.


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