The Biotrue Story

We found inspiration in the most likely of places – your eyes! We studied their natural biological processes so we’d know just how to help them out when they needed it. That’s how we came to the idea of enhancing our products with naturally inspired features (some that are even found naturally in your tears). That way, they complement the way your eyes naturally work. Because when it comes down to it, it just makes sense.


What's so special about Biotrue?

Naturally Inspired Features

We like to say if your eyes could choose what eye care products you use, they’d choose Biotrue. Because we use features that your eyes are familiar with!

  • Our products are pH balanced, that way they’re comfortable when you use them.
  • We’re the only contact solution to use Hyaluronan. But, more on that in just a bit.
  • Heard of electrolytes and antioxidants? Thought so. Because they’re pretty darn naturally inspired. Which is why we use them in our eye drops.

Meet Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan (HA) is a moisturizer that your tears naturally make on their own. Which is pretty cool. So, we brought hyaluronan into our products! Because your eyes are familiar with it already – we’re just bringing in reinforcements.

  • Pronounced hi-a-lure-on-in
  • Your tears moisturize your eyes, and HA is part of what gives those tears that moisturizing effect

Earth Conscious

As a brand that’s inspired by nature, it was important to us to make sure that we’re taking steps to be naturally responsible.

  • We established TerraCycle Recycling Programs for our products. Learn more.
  • Our Greenville, South Carolina plant recycles 2.2 million lbs of materials each year.
  • Biotrue® ONEday daily disposables are manufactured in facilities that have adopted zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives, achieving recent diversion rates of 94-99%

Our Products


Hydration Boost Eye Drops


Contact Lens Solution


Micellar Eyelid Cleansing Wipes


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