Biotrue ONEday works like your eyes,
for comfortable vision throughout the day
Your eyes are naturally moist. But as the day wears on, your contact lenses can dry out,
leaving your eyes feeling dry and irritated.
Biotrue ONEday works like your eyes
Surface designed to mimic eye's own healthy tears, so they retain moisture and shape.

Same moisture level as the natural eye to support incredible comfort. That's why we are proud to say they are Biotrue - inspired by the biology of your eyes.
Crisp, comfortable vision - all day
Because Biotrue ONEday retains moisture, it retains its shape and optical properties. This means that your vision will stay consistently crisp and clear NOT blurry or distorted. And your eyes will feel naturally comfortable throughout the day.
High Definition Optics
Do you ever notice rings around headlights or glare on signs at night? Biotrue ONEday has High Definition Optics, designed to help reduce halos and glare, which means you get great vision in low light as well as in bright sunshine.
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